Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best backlink software? What is the best backlink software or program?

While probably the most asked question by those jumping into linkbuilding it is a very vague and almost unanswerable question.

First off it will all depend on the type of linkbuilding you are looking to get started with.
Some are better at keyword niche researching, while others are better at Backlink analysis of other sites both similar and or competition. Some will tend to try and be a swiss army knife of building links but usually you will be disappointed as I have yet to see a single piece of software I would be willing to stake my reputation on to fill orders and run full scale linkbuilding campaigns with. If you are not looking to sell linkbuilding services etc i do not recommend trying to acquire all of the hardware, software, and knowledge to fulfill the requirements of a successful linkbuilding campaign for just your personal or business websites. While it may seem as though you would save the cost of paying someone else most come to realize the up front costs do not allow this to be the case. You are good at what you do and you should continue doing so jumping two feet first in this line of work usually leaves you short of your goals and while you are learning you could be earning. Remember this most of my long term clients tried to do what we do for them before coming to us. We may just be the driving force behind your competition and while you are learning and trying we are doing and probably building a bigger lead on you and the others in your field or topics of interest.

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