Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Comments and Blog Commenting

The Pros And Cons Of Blog Commenting: How Doing It Right Can Be Powerful And How Doing It Wrong Can Be Devastating
 I know a lot of people think blog commenting doesn’t carry any real value; the reason is because you probably do not believe it is going to bring the results you want. Blog commenting is the Internet’s equivalent to a conversation. Think about what goes on in a real conversation in the real world for a moment.
People are sitting around talking, usually one person is contributing the main point. After that people have a chance to chime in. If something is said that grabs attention, then that person will become the focal point. It is the same way with blog commenting, but even though it is powerful there are a few cons to it as well. I am going to discuss the pros and cons in order to give people a good understanding.
Pros of blog commenting
For starters, in order for you to get your content or website found on the Internet you will need a way to broadcast it to the world. Seeing as how you are trying to get value the best way to do this would be to find other places that have content like yours. Blogs are the perfect solution to this problem, because they allow for you to zero in on pages of content that is similar to yours. So if your goal is to get relevant backlinks for your website, you cannot go wrong with blog commenting.
High pagerank of old pages
What is even better about doing blog commenting is you do not have to be restricted to any particular goal. If your goal is to get direct traffic then you can choose to monitor that blog and keep pace when new content comes out. You goal would be to leave a thoughtful enough post so people feel intrigued to learn more about you. If your goal is to get a high pr backlink, then looking for older pages that have it is the best way to go.
Direct traffic
You have the option of doing blog commenting only on blogs that get good traffic already, this way with consistency you can be sure to get a little bit of traffic over time. What is even better is after a while you might be able to do a guest posts on the blog and experience a crush of traffic in a short while. You goal should be to build up the daily traffic to your own sites by using established sites to begin.
Cons of blog commenting
One of the major cons, especially if you plan of visiting blogs that get high traffic and have good pagerank, is most of them must go through a moderator first. If your goal were to get fast results you would be better suited using blogs that allow for instant comments. The only problem with most blogs that do not moderate comments is they leave themselves open to spam. Search engines will notice this and decide that the blog is a spam factory. The result of this will be the blog being blacklisted, so if you leave a comment on this blog with your link it can have negative consequences.
A lot of blogs are nofollow
If you choose to do blog commenting on some of the upper tier blogs, many of them are not going to have the dofollow tag. What this means is you will not get the search engine benefits you might from leaving a comment on a blog that is dofollow. This could be seen as a good or a bad thing, because having a link on these types of blogs can still carry weight. No one knows for certain what Googles algorithms are, and having a link on a blog that is moderated by the owner and nofollow might carry more weight then you realize.
I am certain that if you do blog commenting the right way you will see a crush of traffic to your website, and you will get increased search engine placement. But it is going to be important that you are consistent in creating value. You cannot expect to get much out of someone else’s blog if you do not contribute much. Also, a high trafficked blog that is prominent is going to be very selective with the comment they allow to go through. Google is aware of what blogs are controlled by the owner concerning comments. If your comment passes through, the backlink will be extra valuable.

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