Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why 9 out of 10 link building campaigns fail

The biggest problem we see these days in our profession is that everyone else wants to do it as well. While competition is always good because we feel it always keeps everyone in search of better techniques, the failures tend to give the others a bad name. The best in the business work. That's right even with the arsenal of datacenters and automation software a good SEO company needs to use it correctly. There is no easy button. We need to find the right types of Backlinks from the right sources, compile our information, and filter out potential detrimental scenarios to achieve success. Automation software when used incorrectly can be the fastest way to failure or the ever known " Google sandbox ". Yes it does exist as we have customers that come to us after some third world country so called seo professional digs them a big hole in it.

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