Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors to avoid when you decide to Buy Backlinks

Buy Backlinks or Purchase Backlinks is all the rage in the search engines these days. And this is for good reason, despite all the smoke blown around about Google being trigger happy to sandbox or ban sites that buy Backlinks the truth is the majority of people buying Backlinks are only successful when doing it correctly. First off stay away from so called freelancers offering services for $5 or such. By now if you made it this far you can read and should also know that nobody in their right mind is going to do something that makes you money while leaving $5 in their pocket for good work. If you are serious about search engine results you should decide what it is worth to you. $5, $10, or even $1000 is not going to be the golden number to success unless you know what you are up against. You have to remember that your competition usually has the same choices as you in seo services available. So make sure you dedicate enough to the online and offline seo budget to get near the top and edge up or just stay up. Probably the single most common mistake is thinking seo and linkbuilding can be a one time effort. Even spending large lump sums of money is not going to keep you on top if it puts you there. One time efforts are almost detrimental to a successful linkbuilding campaign. The search engines are not stupid and are fully aware of what you are up to when a sudden spike or surge of thousands of Backlinks are suddenly pointing back to your site. Success comes from slower consistent campaigns that are looking for long term results. Fast inconsistent bulk campaigns will sometimes bring you an hour or maybe even a day in the spotlight. However once the search engines catch wind of your lazy attempts you will drop off. Most of the time out of the top 1000 if they did not ban your domain or let you disappear into the abyss of the internet.

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