Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Great Article Marketer writes his articles without fluff and chooses his Article Directories Wisely

Article marketing is powerful only if it is done the right way. When you decide to place articles on article directories many of them have a minimum word count. In order to reach this minimum word count some article marketers will resort to packing their articles with way too much fluff. This ends up working against an article marketer in different ways.

The best way to write an informative article
Article marketing is definitely not dead, what is dead is the old way of doing things. Recently Google has cracked down on articles that do not offer anything of value. These days in order to get the same punch you used to get from article marketing you must write articles that are informative and packed with value. The best way to do this is to avoid dragging things out for too long in your articles.

Being specific about what you say
Article marketers usually are so focused on cranking out article after article that they forget to be specific about what they are saying in their articles. One great way to avoid fluff is to be specific and to make direct reference to something in particular. This way everything you write is providing value and not just filling space.

Giving definitions
If you are fearful you do not possess the skills to create articles long enough to be accepted by the article directories, one great way to add more value to your articles is to provide definitions. You would be surprised at how much more informative your articles look when you provide definitions to various words you place in your articles.

Anticipating questions by your readers
Another great technique to prevent from having too much fluff in your articles is to anticipate the questions a reader might have. You may write information into articles that sounds good at first, but upon reading it there will be a follow up question that immediately pops into your head. Make it an aim to answer these questions, and this will help you avoid writing fluff.

Finding supporting facts for information
Depending on the niche you are writing for there are a large number of different facts you can use to add strength to the statements you're going to make. Not only will using supporting facts make the article more informative, but it will also make it look more credible.
The more credible you look the more people will come to you for information in the future. Depending on where you will be leaving the article, you can leave links back to the research you have done.
The goal of creating articles that eliminate fluff is to make them more acceptable to article directories and also create articles that provide more value. This will require you to focus on quality and not quantity. The amount of traffic you will receive will be much better and your click through rate should increase as well.

Choosing the best Article Directory to submit your articles to
Although often overlooked choosing a top article directory may not be as easy as it seems. Todays article directory choices are clouded with mass amounts of "Get Rich Quick Webmasters" and Spammers. Although you may have heard of some big names when it comes to Article Directories what most do not see is that all of your hard work is just helping them out. Every article you submit is bombarded with all types of advertisements and most have the usual Amazon Stores and Google Adsense ads all over the place leaving you a small window. This small window is both you only chance of getting some form of credit or authority however since it is drowned out by all the glitz and glamour you get nothing for it. Now you are probably asking yourself so where do I submit my articles to? One of my favorite Article Directories is Article Cloud. They have been around since 2006, they are probably one of the only directories that does not have ads. You cannot even purchase ads from them. I like to think that they are one of the true Author Friendly Article Directories as they do not have ads and they do not restrict your credit for articles. This is a DoFollow Article Directory. They have chosen to limit their articles and authors to reasonable amounts and they have implemented spam protection applications to muck out the useless spammers.

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