Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are the difference between Blackhat techniques and Whitehat techniques?

Often considered the most important decision to make prior to starting and initiating a linkbuilding campaign people must understand what it is they are building, buying, or considering. Blackhat techniques are often mistaken for just blatant spamming however the single most reason Blackhat Techniques are mistaken for spam is 99% of so called seo or link specialists that tend to lack knowledge and experience even if they do have the best software offerings. Whitehat Techniques are often mistaken as the best or purest of linkbuilding efforts however like blackhatters even whitehat methods can and will fail if not implemented by a team of knowledgeable and experienced linkbuilders and seo specialists. The two share some of the same end results. Backlinks which are the core of today's internet success Blackhat tend to use automated software to create Backlinks from forums, blogs, article directories, and many other sources that allow the Backlinks to pour in..... Whitehat tend to build by hand and use a slow and steady approach to portray that of what they like to believe is a more natural approach...

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